Am I on track for my retirement? Do I have enough to retire? How long will my money last? Our independent financial advisers are here to help you answer these questions when you look at retirement planning. A lot of the uncertainty can be taken away by ensuring you have a retirement plan in place.

Retirement is a time for you to do the things you’ve always wanted and retirement planning will ensure you’re on track for the financial future you desire. Thinking about retirement can be a little daunting, but we’ll provide you with tailored retirement planning advice and pull everything together for you to discover your goals and the best steps to achieving these.

state pension

State Pension

The age when you can start to receive your State Pension is rising and you’ll need to give consideration to how much you may get and whether it would be enough to support your life in retirement.

pension pots

Pension Pots

It’s normal most of us may have worked several jobs and have different pension pots. It’s a good idea to locate them to understand how much you may have in retirement and to regularly review their performance.

What are your options?

With more flexibility and freedom than ever for how you manage your retirement income, getting the correct plan in place is vital. There’s more to it than just pensions as there are other ways we can look at you being able to generate the income you need for your future. With so much choice in the way you can access and use your savings it can be a tough decision. We’ve listed some options below:

later retirement

Later Retirement

You could allow your pension fund to grow slightly by delaying your retirement. This may involve phasing yourself into retirement from going full-time to part-time and then full retirement when you’re ready

retirement savings advice

Retirement Savings

There’s probably lots of places you’ve got retirement savings such as State Pension, personal pension and other assets including property and ISAs. It’s good to know how much you have to help you plan ahead effectively

top up pension

Top Up Pension

You could consider topping up your pension leading up to your retirement as a little extra could make a big difference in later life

Your Property

For many people approaching retirement they could be asset rich, but cash poor; your property is often the biggest investment you have

tax efficient pension


We can advise you on valuable tax breaks which may be available to you when putting funds into your pension

Saving for your Retirement

Your pension savings will most likely vary depending on your age, when you want to retire and what you want to do in retirement. In your 20’s and 30’s retirement may be at the back of your mind, but if you start saving earlier you will have a great advantage in the long run. In your 40’s and 50’s you’ve most likely been saving a while and accumulated various savings and pension pots; now’s a good opportunity to figure out what you have and see what options are available to you.

The main objective of retirement planning is to ensure you have significant income in retirement to live the life you want. There are many factors that can influence this and a discussion with our advisers will enable us to advise you on your best options for the future. We can help to structure your financial affairs to retire as early as possible.

If you are about to retire we can also help you with your next steps ensuring you make the best decisions for your life in retirement. We can also regularly review your arrangements to make sure they’re meeting your needs.

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