Truly Independent always puts the interests of our clients first. Charging a fee means paying us for looking after our clients and giving tailored and appropriate independent advice.


As a new client engages with us for the first time, we offer an initial consultation at our expense. That means you can contact, call, or meet with us to discuss without obligation.

At the end of that consultation, we will outline a proposed action plan and estimate the cost.


This charge is based on a percentage of the amount you invest.

During consultation, your independent financial adviser will explain our full terms and conditions. Should you wish to proceed with a suggested recommendation, your adviser will explain the process, timescale, and our charges.

In general, you pay for our services based on fees for investments and pensions, commission for insurance, and a combination for mortgages.

To ensure we treat our clients fairly and transparently, all our advisers charge the same fees:

We charge 3% of first £100,000 of investment, 2% for the next £100,000 and 1% for anything above £200,000. This will be maximised at £10,000.

There is a minimum ‘engagement’ fee of £500 for each new piece of advice, which applies within your first 12 months of engagement with Truly Independent Ltd.

Use the calculator below to work out our fees.

Advice Fee Calculator

Have you invested within the last 12 months?


To see what we charge for independent financial advice, enter your total intended investment.

For regular saving, use the formula, for example £100pm x 12 x10 = £12,000.


Base rate

The percentage output is your advice fee rounded down to the nearest 0.05%, with the equivalent in GBP.

input your investment amount

Base charge

Min £500 / Max £10,000

and then press calculate

Showing my workings out
Hidden: First 100k: £
Hidden: Second 100k: £
Hidden: Above 200k: £
Hidden: Base charge: £
Hidden: Base rate: %
Hidden: Rounding discount: £


Following any initial advice, we will provide ongoing support to meet your ever-changing needs. It will be matched to your needs, whether you are just starting to invest for the first time or have significant capital to invest. One of our 4 support strategies will help suitable to your needs.

It is important that we monitor the progress to your financial objectives and we will discuss the different levels of support and costs with you.


For further information on how we strive to protect our client’s best interest at all times see our Client Advice and Support Agreements (CAA) below:

Client Advice Agreement

Client Support Agreement

Data Consent Agreement

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