‘The Happy Financial Adviser’ book, by Andrew Goodwin, has recently become an Amazon #1 Bestseller. Launched in 2017 the book has also gone onto receive many 5 star reviews.

The book focuses on embracing happiness in order to achieve greater success for financial advisers and their clients. Advisers are encouraged to connect with more people, have the freedom to be themselves and make a positive difference.

Author, Andrew Goodwin, who is the Managing Director at Financial Services company, Truly Independent, said: “As you might expect I’m very ‘happy’ about the success of the book. It was written for financial advisers who want to make a difference for their clients, not just themselves.

Clients expect their financial advisers to be independent, helpful and reliable, or in other words ‘Truly Independent’. The book breaks this down into a simple process where advisers can seek a better work life balance becoming happier and therefore more successful in the process”.

Some of the many 5 star reviews include “an essential read for any financial adviser looking to get more out of their career”, “a must read for all advisers” and “I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve and enjoy their future”.

Andrew said; “It’s fantastic to see so many good reviews for the book. I’m delighted that people are finding it useful and that it’s helping them to make positive changes, not just in their work, but in their life as well”.

If you’re an experienced financial adviser looking for a new approach to serving your clients, loving your work and building your own-long term financial security, then this book is for you.

‘The Happy Financial Adviser’ is available to buy on Amazon for just £6.99 on Kindle or £12.99 for the paperback edition. Grab your copy here